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I’m a self taught programmer currently working as a software consultant. My nickname is simendsjo most places online, and you can reach me using one of the links below. I also use sijo in places where simendsjo is tediously long, e.g. in programming languages without namespaces where it’s repeated a lot.

Public stuff

My very limited publically available work:

(library, 2024) sijo-version - Construct semantic version strings in Common Lisp
Easily construct version with sensible defaults.
(library, 2024) sijo-doctest - Documentation tests in Common Lisp
Executing tests written in documentation of functions, macros and variables.
(library, 2023) sijo-ctx - Switch between context in Emacs
Quickly switch between different clients, email providers, etc.
(library, 2021) EmacsDotNet - Leverage the .NET ecosystem from Emacs
Calling dotnet code from emacs, returning the result.
(article, 2020) A Functional Architecture Demo (main repo/article), A Functional Architecture Demo (Functional Christmas)
Two demo applications
(article, 2019) Open ≠ Free ≠ Gratis (Open Source Christmas)
Software licenses
(article, 2019) Map and bind - A hidden functional concept in C# (Functional Christmas)
FP in C#
(article, 2019) Iteration without for, foreach or while (Functional Christmas)
Recursion and fold
(article, 2019) The F of FP (Functional Christmas)
Functions and composition
(article, 2017) F# introduction for my coworkers
F# tutorial
(game, 2013) MeteorApocalypse
Small game for Android created with Monogame.
(library, 2012) mysql-native
MySQL connector for the D programming language. Refactored from prototype to production code in 2012, ref commits. I’m not a current maintainer nor a user.


Author: Simen Endsjø

Created: 2024-07-13 Sat 17:27